Pepsico Annual Report

Financial / Non-financial Reporting

PepsiCo has built its strong and vibrant culture on the simple but powerful idea of Performance with Purpose. This strategic mission unites associates across its global operations behind the two things that most clearly define what they do: grow the business, and act as ethical and responsible citizens of the world.

In 2008, PepsiCo associates channeled their can-do spirit and must-do sense of responsibility to meet economic and market challenges head-on. To tell these stories, we invited PepsiCo stakeholders on a "walk around the globe." Each region featured specific examples of how associates brought Performance with Purpose to life. Together, these stories expressed the energy, excitement and opportunity within PepsiCo. They also put a human face on PepsiCo and demonstrated its strength as a truly global growth organization.

PepsiCo's CEO had a reputation for wielding the red editing pen with authority.
We gave her a solid letter outline to react to and fleshed out the nuances
together. The result: the easiest and most efficient approval process
this client had ever seen.