Intuit Brand
Voice Training

Branding / Messaging

When Intuit launched its new corporate logo, it developed a handbook to introduce the Intuit brand personality and brand voice. We defined the new Intuit brand voice and articulated it using recent examples collected from Intuit staff across all communications functions.

We also created and co-taught a customized, two-hour brand training program. Communications professionals learned how to express Intuit's brand personality and use Intuit's brand voice deliberately and consistently across different communication contexts.

The presentation began by defining brand voice as the combination of what we say (information, facts, content) and how we say it (words, sentences, tone and manner). After presenting solid examples of Intuit's brand voice in action, we reviewed Intuit's brand attributes and used examples collected from each audience's recent communication to demonstrate each one. We then presented a strategic approach for building brand content into communication and reinforced it through a series of "before" and "after" examples. Next, we defined Intuit's brand style and used the same approach to explain how to use a style that is personal, energetic and clear.