Cardinal Health

Thought Leadership

When Cardinal Health's founding CEO retired, the company brought in a new CEO from outside the healthcare industry. He hit the ground running with internal and external speeches that framed his vision to make Cardinal Health the premier global healthcare company.

We developed a content/message matrix built around quality and cost, integration, and information technology. Each message linked specifically to industry statistics, Cardinal Health solutions, specific customer examples, and external industry initiatives.

We developed the first speech the new CEO gave to the global sales force
and a major speech he delivered at a Cleveland Clinic symposium.

Elements of this same messaging strategy also informed a series of eight thought leadership white papers we developed. Together, they demonstrated how Cardinal Health's integrated solutions could bring a higher level of safety, cost containment and efficiency to large health systems. Sales representatives used these white papers to guide strategic discussions with prospective and existing health network clients.

"Since the product was introduced last December, ninety-five percent of the hospitals that have tested the product have converted to it.

"First, innovation must start at the point of care. If we spend more time observing and understanding the care delivery process, we can identify those changes that will have the greatest impact on improving outcomes. Let me give you an example. For several years, Cardinal Health distributed another manufacturer's infant ventilation system, used to assist infants born prematurely with underdeveloped lungs. This product hadn't seen a significant change in nearly 20 years. Our R&D team took up the challenge of improving this technology by developing our own product. They began at the bedside, talking with clinicians and observing hundreds of applications. And they saw the need for an interface that was gentler on infants' noses, and easier for care givers to use. In response, we created a new system that can be adjusted to fit each patient's head, that decreases skin irritation and discomfort, and that makes it easier to breathe."